Study in Switzerland

Why Switzerland

Switzerland is a federal republic in Europe and a member of the ETFA. It a great country to study in as it has world-class institutions, which are recognized all over the globe and highly, accredited. One other reason to study in Switzerland is because of its quality of living, two of its city namely Zurich and Geneva are ranked among the top cities in the world in terms of quality. Switzerland also has the highest number of registered patents.

Life in Switzerland

The Swiss people have a very high standard of living with clean cities, top quality food and no beggars. The pay grade is also on the higher side of the scale and to ice the cake the taxes are even lower. The transport is not a worrisome thing in the country as they have an impeccable network of transport. The landscape is quite breathtaking and the quality of the air is really great.

Education in Switzerland

The quality of education is quite high with Switzerland ranked 9th among the 65 OECD countries. They have a total of eight universities, which consistently come into the top 200 World University. Switzerland has created a truly international model of education with immense diversity in language, cultures and backgrounds merging as a true global hub for learning and acquiring expertise. Students studying in certain universities can also work part time up to 15 hours to cover some of their expenses but only after six months of staying there.

Visa Requirements

If you want to come to Switzerland to study at a university or equivalent, first you must find a course and get accepted onto it. You can find links to Swiss universities through CRUS (Rectors Conference of the Swiss Universities). Once you have confirmation that you have a place (a certificate of enrolment), you can apply for a visa (if you need one) to study in Switzerland. For information click here