Spouse Visa

A spouse visa is a visa which is procured in the case when a person residing in a foreign country wants to bring their spouse to stay with them. There are several conditions to be met before a person can apply for the spouse visa like they must have met and then married, both the concerned parties should be older than 18 years, a minimum financial income which will be more if there is a dependent child also. There are several language requirements also which the applicant needs to satisfy in order to obtain a spouse visa, though in most countries the language preffered in English but some have their own specifications on the language front. The spouse can work or study also in the country. The processing of the visa takes some time so the application for the visa should be put in well before the spouse arrives at the country. There are even some guidelines laid down if in case the relationship ends when both the parties are residing in the country and one should follow those guidelines in order to remain the country lawfully.