Study in Poland

Why Poland

Poland is a country situated in the Eastern Europe and is a member of the European union. The polish education system is more than 600 years old and the first university was established by King Casimir the great in 1364 that was named Cracow Academy and known as Jagiellonian University in today’s time. The modernization of education in Poland has caused a great deal of students wanting to study in Poland which helped it get the 4th place in Europe in terms of people enrolled in higher education.

Life in Poland

Poland is a vibrant and exciting country. It does not have a rush life but a beautiful life and the views and landscapes are just breathtaking. Majority of the people living are of polish descent and are settled in the urban areas of the country. Polish people give high regard to not just education but quality education and maintain an exceptional standard of education, which has helped in taking their student population well over a million.

Education in Poland

The Polish have a high quality of education and their education system is well developed. The polish Accreditation committee is the monitor of the quality of the education provided. Poland plays an active part in Bologna Process and because of which its students can continue their education anywhere in the EU.

Visa Requirements

In order to study in Poland one has to fulfill certain requirements like you need to be a graduate, certificate of proficiency in the choice of your language, legalized stay etc. You can apply for student visa and for that you require all the documents directed by the government of Poland. The certification required for studies in English are FCE, CAE, etc. For more information Click here