European Migration

Europe is a continent which comprises of the westernmost part of Eurassia and famous for its well developed countries, beautiful cities and serene views. Europe is one of the most prevelant holidaying destination and many want to study and settle in Europe.The Europen laws are different for people migrating within the European Union and people migrating from outside of european Union. If a European Union national resides in any of the European Union countries for a continous period of Five Years then he or she automatically gets the right to acquire permanent residence and can apply for permanent residence document without any conditions. However, there are certain other conditions also under which one can apply for the permanent residence before the said term of five years. As for the non EU nationals who want to migrate to Europe there are some special laws for countries such as Turkey, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, etc. and for the countries which have no agreement with the European Union will have to follow the laws and procedures provided by each and every country seperately. However, new EU rules have been proposed to simplyfy entry procedures, equal lwas protecting the citizens, etc.