Study in Singapore

Why Singapore

Singapore also known as the Lion City is one of the most prevalently visited nations in the South-East Asia for education. Once the acceptance letter from the university is received the applicant need to apply for the Student’s pass and the acceptance letter is valid for two weeks only. Singapore easily merges the Western business with Eastern Culture

Life in Singapore

With people doing western business and maintaining their eastern culture you can only imagine how flexible and understanding the people of such a country can be. Singapore had earned the third place in the 2013 QS Best Student Cities, which rightfully reflects the high quality of education they maintain. They not only have top universities but also have the latest of the training methodologies and state of the art technologies to compliment them and they keep an ever-progressive approach towards.

Education in Singapore

Singapore’s post-secondary education comprises of a combination of private as well as publically funded universities both of which have top of the class ranking as well as infrastructure. All of the Universities give a variety of courses for the students to choose from. Students from the foreign land can work while the course is going on but this permission is given to students studying in certain institutes only. These students can work for 16 hours a week and after the completion of their course they can apply for one-year work visa also.

Visa Requirements

The visa application process is linked to the university application that means if your application has been accepted then your visa should come with the acceptance letter only. But you need to apply for the Student pass and for that you have to apply for it more than a month before your course starts. For procurement of the student pass the student needs to sign up with the Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration System. For information click here