Study in New Zealand

Why New Zealand

Quaint locations with Awe-Inspiring landscapes from ice capped mountains and vast plain lands full of grass have always been a vital attraction of New Zealand.
The island nation of New Zealand was one of the last major land mass inhabited by humans and even after this fact New Zealand is a developed country and ranks highly in international comparison of education and various other domains. The centrally managed New Zealand Qualifications Authority ensures quality and helps institutions in keeping compliance with qualifications standards.

Life in New Zealand

In addition to the serene views, the multicultural and fun-loving community will make you fall in love with not just the country but also the people living in it. New Zealand is a cosmopolitan blend of cafes, shopping, sports, nightlife and beautiful outdoors. The cost of living is less as compared to the cost of living of the countries like America, United Kingdom or European countries.

Education in New Zealand

New Zealand is the hub of highly and perfectly trained teachers, so, from this fact is obvious that New Zealand maintains a high standard in education and grooms the candidates studying there in a way that they turn out to be one of the best in their field. Out of the eight universities 5 were in the top universities list. They maintain an impeccable reputation of their education industry all over the world by providing world-class infrastructure and quality courses which are recognized and respected all over the world.

Visa Policy

The basic requirements for applying for visa are an offer letter from NZQA, proof of English though any one of the internationally recognized examination, proof of capability to pay for the course. You have to apply for the student visa only once, which can be used to for three courses spanning over a period of five years. For more information clich here