Study in Fiji

Why Fiji

Fiji is an island country located in the pacific. Though small it still attracts a lot of tourism. They not only have top universities but also have the latest of the training methodologies and state of the art technologies to compliment them and they keep an ever-progressive approach towards education so that the students who graduate from their Universities can leave their mark on the world.

Life in Fiji

Studying in an island nation certainly has advantages, and one is the ability to hit the sand and sea almost every day. Fiji is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Fiji is ideal for those who love spending days in the sun’s rays. If you’re studying abroad in Fiji from May to October, the temperature can drop a good 20-25 degrees, so those more accustomed to cooler climates might want to consider summer study in Fiji.

Education in Fiji

Primary education is compulsory and free for the first eight years. Education in Fiji is a combination of multiple cultures and is totally administered by religious organizations. The government is continuously trying to give education to all the people by judicial means. The main university giving the technical education is University of the South Pacific.

Visa Requirements

Under the Section 9(2)(d) of the immigration act a person can study in Fiji on a student visa. One can apply for a new visa or an extension of the already appointed visa. There are certain documents required as directed by the government to result in the successful processing of the visa. Students studying in certain universities can also work part time to cover some of their expenses.